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Our Holiday Plan

Hello! Great to see you again!
In thi spage, we'll be discussing about our plan for the next holiday!

Farin  : "Violet! Great to see you again! It's been forever!"
Violet : "Hey! How are you? It's just 2 weeks"
Farin  : "I'm feeling great. Where have you been for 2 weeks? where did you go all this time?"
Violet : "I stayed in Bali for 2 weeks."
Farin  : "You must be super happy!"
Violet : "Well, yes i am. Where were you going Farin?"
Farin  : "I stayed in Singapore for a week, and stayed at home for the rest of the time."
Violet : "Geez! I miss Singapore so much! Do you have souveniers for me?"
Farin  : "Well of course! Here you go, i give you a pencil case from smiggle."
Violet : "Thanks farin! it's so pretty!"
Farin  : "Your welcome!"
Violet : "Where will you going for the next holiday?"
Farin  : "I really want to go to Europe."

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